About Us


Greetings!  We are the Yoder family.

Phil and I were married March 10, 1979. Phil has lived on a farm all his life and farmed 3000 acres with his dad and two brothers. Over the years, his brothers married and went out on their own but Phil and I remained on the farm. We moved into the old home place that had been in the family for two generations after Phil’s parents built a house next door in 1983; Phil continued farming with his dad.

Our oldest daughter, Lindsey, attended kindergarten at the local public school. The next year, we felt led to enroll her and our second daughter, Lesli, in a Christian school. They attended there for two years. Still feeling there was a better way, we started home schooling. We used the A.C.E. program for two years, and then we attended an Institute in Basic Life Principles seminar and were introduced to the Advanced Training Institute . We finally found what we were looking for – not a curriculum, but a way of life. Phil and I desired our children to grow mighty in God’s Spirit. That summer, during the training conference, we heard the testimony of a family who had a bread baking business. I had a deep feeling that this was something our family could do.

In September 1991, we began the A.T.I. program. One day, on a field trip with our local homeschool group, I met an old high school classmate of mine who had moved back to this area to raise her family. Several months later, she showed me a Bosch brochure. I was excited because I had seen one of the older models in a health food store years before, but when I went back to ask about it, no one knew where I could find one.

I had tried making bread off and on since we were married, but Phil said it “makes a better doorstop than bread.” I really wanted a Bosch, but to my disappointment, Phil said, “Linda, I want you and the girls to learn to make bread by hand first, then you can have a Bosch.” So, we got busy! In six months we had perfected our bread making techniques and developed a clientele by giving bread away on our daily and weekly errands to the post office, grain elevator, seed house, etc.

We purchased a Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine and a grain mill in March of 1992 and we began selling baked goods at a local farmer’s market two days a week July-October.

We sold bread at the county fair in August as well and by March 1993, we had earned back the money we had invested in the Bosch and mill.

Over the years, we continued baking breads and other goods to sell; but as more of my friends became interested in baking their own bread, our focus shifted from selling bread to filling the need for a local supplier for bread machines and supplies. In April of 1994, we felt led to open a small store in our home. God has been faithful in meeting our needs and fulfilling desires we never dreamed of.

We have eight children, Lindsey, Lesli, Jessica, Janelle, Jillian, Philip, Lydia and Susanna.

 Over the last 19 years, our family has grown to include three sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and fourteen grandchildren. This family picture is from our son Philip’s wedding in January, 2017.

Our desire is to serve you. We want to help you become successful in any way we can. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please ask us; we may be able to get it for you.