Universal Plus Stainless Steel Bowl


  • Bowl capacity: 6.5 quarts or 15 lbs dough
  • Removable drive shaft for easy clean up
  • Includes 2-piece pouring shield with lid.
  • Does NOT include whips or dough hook.
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This bowl is a great addition to your Universal Plus mixer. Capacity is 6.5 quarts. Easy to use and clean, with a center column for wire whips, paddles, and dough hook. 

Includes splash ring and lid. Locks on to mixer base.

Please note – there are 3 different stainless steel bowls for Bosch Mixers:
MUZ6ER1 with European dough hook; NO center column; not compatible with standard dough hook, whips, or paddles
MUZ6ER2 with center column; locks onto base of Universal Plus Bosch mixer only
MUZ6SB4 with center column; does NOT lock onto base; fits both Universal and Universal Plus mixers
The ER2 stainless steel bowl has a center column for use with standard dough hook, whips, and paddles. It locks onto the base of the Universal Plus mixer only; it is NOT compatible with older Universal mixers.

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