No More Bricks! (Copy)


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By Lori Viets

Successful whole grain read made quick & easy.

Four master recipes over 30 simple variations for a healthy, whole grain lifestyle.

100% Whole Grain Bread for everyday eating in 30 minutes or less per week!

Add whole grains to your diet the easy way with delicious, homemade bread for sandwiches, bread bowls, pizza, sweet rolls, buns, and more. Make up to six loaves at once using the fastest method possible…from wheat kernel to baked loaf in 90 minutes – only 30 minutes or less of hands-on time.

A teaching cookbook that’s perfect for first-time baker, with fresh ideas for the veteran baker.

This user friendly guide will help you: 

  • Make better bread with your choice of mixer, bread machine, or by hand.
  • Choose the batch size you need without the guesswork – recipes scaled for 1,2,3, or 6 loaves.
  • understand the how-to’s and why-to’s of whole grain bread, from grinding your own fresh flour to slicing your bread.
  • Lower your grocery bill and your calorie count with bread-based meals.
  • Discover “brickbuster” secrets – and which “rules” you have to UN-learn.
  • Learn the right way to freeze bread or dough for freshness & convenience.
  • Gain confidence in creating your own personal recipes.
  • Get out of your rut with fun, easy, and creative shaping variations.
  • Make bread TODAY with the handy Quick Start Guide!
  • Even the most stubborn white-bread-only eaters have learned to love whole grains using the techniques in this book…so can you!


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